Excerpt from "Introduction"

When Jesus spoke to his disciples about the end of the age, he started by saying, “Watch out that no one deceives you” (Matt. 24:4). Isn’t it telling that when asked about the signs of the End, our Lord immediately zeroed in on the issue of deception? He knew that the greatest problem of that time period would be the widespread acceptance of a replacement Truth. Our quest, therefore, is to anticipate the delusion and to be ready to stand against it. As we do so, our defense lies in taking the Word of God seriously, studying it assiduously, praying passionately, and putting on the whole armor of God (Eph. 6:10–18). Part of that armor is the belt of truth, and part is the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God. We need both knowledge and discernment in order to cinch ourselves with truth.  
There’s a famous quote by John MacArthur about learning to identify counterfeits by first becoming intimately familiar with the real deal:

Federal agents don’t learn to spot counterfeit money by studying the counterfeits. They study genuine bills until they master the look of the real thing. Then when they see the bogus money they recognize it.

The quote is famous because of its veracity. Wisdom instructs us to become experts at the things of God; then, when we encounter false teachings and ungodly practices, we will easily see them for what they are. This book aims to expose the works of Satan by holding them up against the teaching of Scripture. Although our journey will be guided by the Bible, we will not fail to utilize our God-given powers of deduction, nor the accumulated knowledge of hundreds of talented researchers (to whom we are greatly indebted). Anything that will help us shed light on the mystery is a good thing. Not only do we need to be able to identify who the Beast is at his coming, but we need to understand the exact nature of the lie that he will wield if we are to escape the powerful deception of the last days, and especially if we hope to open the eyes of those who are perishing so they may come to know the real Savior.


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Excerpt from "The Nephiliym and Rephaiym"

Whenever the topic of giants is raised among Bible-believing folk, a very reasonable question will inevitably rear its ugly head and incite a storm of conjecture and confusion: Did another group of angels take on flesh and mate with humans after the Flood? It seems absurd for God to wipe out all life upon the earth but then fail to restrict angels from reinfecting the planet with abominations. And if, as some researchers suggest, devils were responsible for the postdiluvian Nephiliym, then what prevented Satan’s angels from producing half-breeds with unrelenting fervor until all flesh on earth was corrupted? Multiple-incursion theory simply doesn’t harmonize with our present hybrid-free situation. Yet there were clearly giants living after the Flood, so where did they come from?

Concerning the ability of angels to materialize in human form, the most sensible scenario is the one presented by the Book of Jubilees, which says that the Watchers were given special permission to take on flesh and live among humans for a time. That is to say that holy angels cannot become materially human willy-nilly, and fallen angels are never free to do so. In this scenario, there is no possibility of devils going hog-wild on our daughters.

In order to understand how the antediluvian giants could have sprung up again after the Flood, we must first understand the Bible’s perspective on reproduction. Specifically, we need to grasp the fact that each human father passes on his spirit in addition to his genes. A human mother contributes only genetic material (and, of course, all the love and wisdom that is imparted as she raises her child, but that isn’t relevant to our discussion).

Nowhere does the Scripture indicate that God gives each person a spirit and soul at the time of his or her conception, and this odd omission is not an oversight. The spirit that God breathed into Adam after he formed the man from the dust of the earth was multiplied into Eve and into all of their descendants. YHVH did not breathe life into Eve or create her body from the dust; rather, part of Adam’s flesh was split off and grown into a new body, and part of the breath of life (Hebrew: ruach) within Adam was likewise duplicated, so that one organism became two. A soul is generated at the union of flesh with a certain kind of spirit: “And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul” (Gen. 2:7, KJV).

A similar process is occurring every time that a baby is conceived. However, instead of a part of the father’s biology being used by itself to grow a new organism, cells from both parents are used. This is because a man and woman become “one flesh” when they are sexually united (Gen. 2:24). But YHVH never said that they become one spirit. Only one of the parents is allowed to contribute their spirit, and that function goes to the male, who was the original recipient of God’s spirit. This is precisely why the Bible never states that a woman begot a child; only men are said to beget children.

The idea that the spirit is multiplied from the father alone is proven out in the writings of the apostle Paul, who tackles the theology of spiritual death and the second Adam. Everyone who has every lived, says Paul, inherited an inert spirit, or what is commonly called a sinful nature, from Adam. Paul writes that “sin came into the world through one man, and death through sin, and so death spread to all men because all sinned,” and he continues on to say that just as the trespass of one man led to condemnation for all, so the righteousness of one man makes available justification for all (Rom. 5:12–19). A goodly portion of the Book of Romans is based on the understanding that in all of history there have only been two biological sons of God: Adam and Yeshua. Those two men were hand-crafted by YHVH, while every other human being is multiplied from Adam. Yeshua was a son of God, and Adam was a son of God, but all others are sons of Adam unless they partake of the Messiah’s life and become co-heirs with him.

Those who are in Christ become sons of God because they have received a living spirit from God (Gal. 3:26; cf. Luke 20:35–36). Thus Paul can write, “The first man Adam was made a living soul; the last Adam was made a quickening spirit” (1 Cor. 15:45, KJV). When Adam sinned in the Garden, his body began the process of dying, but his spirit immediately died. To be dead does not mean that one ceases to exist but that one is no longer connected to the source of life, who is YHVH—and if we are not at one with God, then we divided against him. Once Adam’s spirit was dead, his offspring could only inherit a dead spirit from him, and so it is that every descendant of Adam needs to be quickened, or revived, spiritually before he or she can become part of God’s family and receive an inheritance of eternal life. No one is born with sin already marring his or her soul, but because our spirits are disconnected from God, we are inherently selfish and inclined to sin. In our spiritual weakness we all inevitably sin, and we do it repeatedly. Through the disobedience of Adam we are effectively imprisoned in sin, and God allowed this so that he may have mercy on all who repent, to the everlasting glory of his name (Rom. 11:32).

We know that Yeshua did not sin; he could have sinned but chose otherwise, for he was not a slave to sin but a servant to God. Yet it is written that all men are slaves to sin (Rom. 6:16–22) and that “all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” (Rom. 3:23). How then did Yeshua, being a man, avoid sin? The answer is that his spirit was not the dead spirit of Adam but the living spirit of YHVH. The second Adam was human on account of the genetic code contributed by his mother, Mary, but he had no biological father to pass down the spirit of the first Adam. Instead, Matthew writes that Mary “was found to be with child from the Holy Spirit,” and it was that pure spirit of God which was multiplied into Yeshua. If it was the case that Mary contributed part of her spirit to her children, then Yeshua would have been shaped—as the psalmist said of himself—“in iniquity” (51:5); but this was not the case.

The concept of father as spirit-giver explains why the Nephiliym became demons after their physical deaths, instead of proceeding to rest in Sheol like normal human beings. Upon the death of the owner, a human spirit is reabsorbed into the boundless energy of God (Eccl. 12:7), whereas the spirit of a Watcher remains eternally distinct from God’s spirit even though its origin is from God. It is written that if God decided to “gather to himself his spirit and his breath, all flesh would perish together” (Job 34:14-15); but those beings which were not created in bodies of flesh would not perish because their spirits cannot be revoked. The Nephiliym were born of human mothers and did not receive the spirit of Adam from them, but they instead received eternal, corrupted, angelic spirits from their fathers. I believe this means that the giants were unredeemable; in order for redemption to occur, a holy spirit must be substituted for an unholy one, initiating the godly transformation of the host soul; but the eternal spirits of the Nephiliym could not be dissolved and replaced like those of material beings.

This Doctrine of Paternal Spiritual Lineage adds another dimension to YHVH’s promise to Adam and Eve that the Seed of the woman would redeem mankind. This focus on the maternal component of our ancestry is alien to the rest of Scripture, where we consistently find the patriarchy in view. When he finally arrived, the promised Seed repeatedly called himself “Son of Adam,” not “Son of Eve.” If Yeshua’s focus was on his biological descent from Adam, why did YHVH put emphasis on the Seed of the woman? More to the point, why couldn’t God have inserted his spirit into an egg that had been fertilized by male sperm? If, as many believe, God imbues each zygote with a spirit at the time of conception, and only biological material is contributed by the parents, then there should be nothing preventing God from putting the Holy Spirit into any given zygote. Then the Messiah could have been the offspring of both the man and the woman. Doesn’t that seem more fair? But that’s not what happened, and it couldn’t happen that way because there exists an immutable law whereby the spirit of the father is always passed to his child. The reproductive contribution of the man had to be subtracted before a divine spirit could be introduced.




As we meditate on the Doctrine of Paternal Spiritual Lineage, we will realize that the DNA of the Watchers could have existed within human beings who were spiritually normal. If even one of the people on the Ark carried Watcher genetic material, then the trait of gigantism could have found expression in some of Noah’s grandchildren, but those oversized kids would have had fully human spirits that were passed to them from Noah. No one imagines that YHVH would have allowed a Nephiliym on board the Ark, but who’s to say that he didn’t allow some of their genes aboard? It was the angelic spirits, not the DNA, that was the real problem. After all, the Watchers were not a different kind of creature from the women that they married; the Watchers became genuinely human, biologically speaking (though some of their genetic code was evidently unusual).

Ham’s wife is the culprit who preserved the Watchers’ genes, which we know because Ham was the father of Canaan, and several tribes of giants descended from Canaan, but none are said to have come from the children of Shem and Japheth. Cush, father of Nimrod, was also a son of Ham, and while there is no indication that he was a giant, Nimrod certainly possessed the trait. The Aramaic version of Genesis 10 states that Nimrod “began to be a giant of the earth” and that he was “a lion-hearted giant before the Lord” (vv. 8–9); meanwhile, the Septuagint version says, “And Chus begot Nebrod: he began to be a giant upon the earth. He was a giant hunter before the Lord God.” In the commonly-used Masoretic version, the word gibbor is translated as “mighty” instead of “giant,” but it is the very same word used to speak of the Nephiliym in Genesis 6.

By the way, it is unlikely that Nimrod was as great in size as the largest of the antediluvian giants, which the Book of Enoch compares to elephants. As far as we know, Semiramis was a normal-sized woman, so Nimrod couldn’t have been too terribly big or else there would have been a physical incompatibility. In the Babylonian legend of Gilgamesh, the hero is said to be a giant but is still able to copulate with any of his female subjects.

Now we know how Nephiliym genes survived the Flood, and we are free to discard the unsupportable theory of multiple incursions.


Excerpt from "Conclusion"

There are six main components to Leviathan’s ruse, and in this book we have covered the first in depth but also touched upon the second and third. The remainder of these components will be dealt with in vol. 2. Here are the six aspects of which we must take heed:

THE FIRST COMPONENT is confusion over end-times prophecies. The masses have been conditioned to expect a Rapture, but instead the world will be faced with the resurrection of an ancient king. Even those believers who don’t subscribe to a pre-Trib Rapture doctrine will be caught off-guard by the literal return of Nimrod. Unless we collectively wise up, the consequence of this confusion will be incorrigible contempt from skeptics and detractors. The disbelief of the ungodly will be magnified, their hearts further hardened, because of the fact that we Christians didn’t know what was coming. Of what value is Bible prophecy, they will ask, if it led you to expect an escape that never came but failed to inform you about the return of a Middle Eastern god?

THE SECOND COMPONENT is a one-two punch of occult knowledge and occult wonders. Nimrod/Asshur will bring back with him all of the expertise that he gained from Watcher secrets, for he will speak “great things” (Dan. 7:8) and understand “dark sentences” (Dan. 8:23), and he “will succeed in whatever he does” (Dan. 8:24, NIV). He may well use this expertise to pull the world out of chaos and build his Utopian global society. Whether or not that is the case, we know for certain that the Beast and his False Prophet will perform wonders in front of the masses, “even making fire come down from heaven to earth” (Rev. 13:13).

Yeshua told us that the latter days would be like the days of Noah, implying that Watcher secrets would be employed once again, and people would think nothing of it. Great power, whether it comes from angels or scientific progress, is deceptive: having a high degree of command over our world creates the illusion that we no longer need YHVH, making it easy to buy into the serpent’s lie that we can become our own gods. Satan keeps killing us with this false promise. No matter how much advanced knowledge we procure, we will never match the Maker or cease to need his animating breath and ceaseless energy. Accepting that fact leads to a childlike trust, which is crucial because only the humble and obedient will dwell with the Creator forever. He is our Heavenly Father, not our Heavenly Colleague.

THE THIRD COMPONENT is materialism. Revelation 17 and 18 make it abundantly clear that the whole world will be enchanted by Inanna’s luxuries: “For your merchants were the great ones of the earth, and all nations were deceived by your sorcery” (18:23). In his vision of the far future, John is told by an angel that “the inhabitants of the earth were intoxicated with the wine of her [Mystery Babylon’s] adulteries” (Rev. 17:2, NIV). The angel also says that when this spiritual adulterous is destroyed, all the merchants of the earth will mourn because the source of their prosperity is no more (18:11–17).

The secular world has long been obsessed with the offerings of Babylon’s economic system. Like godless Esau, they cry, “Give me some of that stew now! I can’t survive without it,” and so they sell their souls for that which doesn’t last (Heb. 12:16). Yeshua said that it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. Satan took this to heart and has used prosperity to undo mighty works of God in nations like America and Great Britain.

Even many true disciples of Yeshua are sorely tested by the abundance of creature comforts available in the civilized world, as well as the illusory safety of a big bank account. Our hearts go where our treasure resides, and if we treasure the things of the world, then our allegiance will be to the world. Satan has enticed many of us with worldly baubles in the same way that he enticed Eve with the pleasing fruit of the Tree of Knowledge, and the result has been the same: separation from YHVH Elohiym. Spiritually dulled by our fanatical consumerism and perpetually distracted by endless entertainments, we lose the ability to discern the heart of God and are inevitably swept into alignment with the doctrines of the Adversary (this includes passive approval of ungodliness). The debt-based economic system called Mystery Babylon is making us all drunk on her wine, and those who fall under her spell rarely come to their senses. As Peter Goodgame says in his blog, “Beware of bourgeois Christianity, it is the disease of the Laodicean Church.”

As bad as Babylon’s wealth-making engine has been in every age past, the situation will be even worse at the end of the age. Wealth will be consolidated in a single city as never before, and the worldly-wise will flock to it like moths to a flame. They will export Inanna’s merchandise and obscene entertainments to every corner of the world so that her influence will wrap around God’s green earth like filthy tentacles. The western world has already accomplished this to a large degree.

THE FOURTH COMPONENT is a unified religious system which champions tolerance in the sense of universal acceptance of deviant behaviors. Whereas tolerance used to mean “putting up with someone or something not liked,” it has now come to mean “endorsing all lifestyles, beliefs, and activities except those which directly and obviously harm another.” This spells bad news for Bible-believing Jews and Christians because the exclusivity of biblical doctrines means that we’re automatically “intolerant” and worthy of contempt. As the spirit of Antichrist is (even now) sweeping the globe, that contempt is turning into murderous rage. By the mid-point of Daniel’s 70th week, those who hold fast to Scripture will be hunted down and killed the world over (Rev. 13:7–10). Ironically, this will be done under the mantra that “Love is the answer.”

The identification of Asshur and his Prophet as the enlightened ambassadors of universal Providence will go hand-in-hand with end-times pluralism. Put more simply, the Antichrist and False Prophet will be viewed as mouthpieces of the Christ Consciousness into which all men of good will may enter. This kind of thinking is already present in traditional religious circles, as demonstrated by the Roman Catholic Bishop of Portland, Maine, who says,

Because all people are created in the image and likeness of God according to the pattern of Christ the New Adam, Christ has significance for all times and places, all peoples and cultures, even for all religions, even when he is only implicitly recognized. The Council affirms that in some mysterious way, all persons of good will are mysteriously related to Christ and his saving action, even if that relation remains obscure for us who believe in him explicitly.

In the same speech, the bishop quotes Pope John Paul II regarding the commonalities of all religious faiths: “instead of marveling at the fact that Providence allows such a great variety of religions, we should be amazed at the number of common elements found within them.” Like these Catholic leaders, the False Prophet will make much of the common ground between all faiths and downplay or explain away the contradictory elements. The people of the world will be expected to discard those “outdated” and “misguided” tenets of their faiths which are incompatible with the Gospel of Inclusivity. If we as a race are to survive, he will state confidently, then everyone must grow up spiritually and put an end to foolish divisions so that we can be of a singular mind.

The False Prophet will further explain that all of the demigods and religious leaders of old were shadows of the divine messianic archetype, each demonstrating different facets of the Supreme Being, but that Asshur is the culmination and final expression of the archetype—the Elect One who is fully anointed and sent by a loving God to pull the world out of darkness. Asshur will be billed as the Redeemer, but in the sense that he redeems the world from chaos and ignorance, not sin. He will mediate between God and men not as a substitute but as a spokesman and role model, convincing his flock that they can all expand their inherent divinity and become like God. The terrible disasters and supernatural plagues that YHVH will send in the last days, as detailed in Revelation, will be attributed to an evil, adversarial deity (Rev. 13:6) and not to the “true” Architect of the Universe who desires for men of every faith to evolve into enlightened masters.

The occult societies have been cheering for this scenario all along. Take this passage from the preface of early editions of the official Masonic Kentucky Monitor, which argues for the validity of all the great religions:

All believed in a future life… and in a Mediator or Redeemer, by whom the Evil Principle was to be overcome and the Supreme Deity reconciled to His creatures. The belief was general that he was to be born of a virgin and suffer a painful death. The Hindus called him Krishna; the Chinese, Kioun-tse; the Persians, Sosiosch; the Chaldeans, Dhouvanai; the Egyptians, Horus; Plato, Love; the Scandanavians, Balder; the Christians, Jesus; Masons, Hiram. (xiv–xv)

This statement has been expunged from current editions, no doubt because it didn’t keep true Masonic philosophy secret enough.

THE FIFTH COMPONENT of Leviathan’s ruse is antinomianism (against nomos, meaning “against law”), and it is closely linked to the fourth. However, this component is aimed specifically at YHVH’s people. In 2 Thess. 2:1–9, Paul thrice calls the Antichrist “the lawless one” or “man of lawlessness,” and he also states that the “mystery of lawlessness is already at work.” We’ll discuss just what that means in the next volume. The embrace of antinomianism is a prerequisite for the acceptance of a hyper-grace, ultra-inclusive approach to the Bible that leads to doctrinal compromise and the dissolution of everything that makes the Church sacred and set-apart. Once the foundations have crumbled, there is nothing to prevent mainstream Christianity from joining hands with the False Prophet and entering the ranks of Leviathan’s universal religious system. Daniel tells us that the Lawless One will flatter those who violate YHVH’s covenant, but those who know their God will be strong and do exploits (11:32). We must be of the latter, not the former.

THE SIXTH COMPONENT­ is the disclosure of the existence of supposedly sympathetic alien helpers. Upon reading that last sentence, I suspect that many of you screwed up your faces in looks of confusion and skepticism. This component will surprise a lot of readers because we haven't yet addressed the topic of so-called extraterrestrials, and on the surface it appears to have no relevance to Bible prophecy. But I assure you that it does, and we must be ready for the Disclosure. (Update: U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has twice promised to disclose top-secret UFO records if she is elected.)

Government officials will soon reveal that extraterrestrials are real and that they have been visiting us for centuries. We will be told that ETs are more evolved and enlightened than human beings, and have been trying to guide our spiritual development since pre-history. (They may even claim to have seeded life on earth.) These aliens, it shall be claimed, are the gods of old, and they desire for us to now elevate ourselves to godhood and join them as cosmic brothers.

In truth, so-called extraterrestrials are the pagan gods, which are fallen angels, and they are more appropriately labeled extradimensionals. In vol. 2 we will discuss why the UFO and abduction phenomena are real, and how encounters with so-called aliens prove that they are lying spirits with a satanic agenda.